What is the one thing your child does?

United States
January 13, 2007 10:16pm CST
What is it about your son/daughter that makes you wish they could remain young? Mine is when my daughter came home one night upset over a boy thing. I know that one of these days the crush is going to become more and the hurt will be worse. I know it is a kid thing but still it gets scary sometimes. what do you think?
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• Philippines
17 Jan 07
when my teeners are young we usually attend children parties and they want to be tag along in any parties we attend to now they have their own skeds and sometimes when I asked them to join or accompany us in a party they decline us. but I enjoyed their youth for I followed an aunts advice to me... allow your kids to join you always while they're still young for when they grew up you'll miss them.. true enough
• United States
18 Jan 07
I think that is very well said. My daughter usually wants just just stay home unless we do something that catches her interest.
• United States
14 Jan 07
i feel the same way and yes as they get older the crush's tend to hurt more so i try to hold my kids and love them as much as i can because it won't be long and they will be gone from me
• United States
14 Jan 07
I know, I can't get over the fact she is almost as tall as me and so pretty. Her teacher said she would be a heartbreaker when she grew up because all the boys like her.