beauty or brains? guys wat do you think?

@nic073 (70)
January 13, 2007 11:21pm CST
wat would you prefer a woman who has the body and face to flaunt or just the average looking but with a high IQ? i began to wonder about this question because it seems that men prefer beauty rather than brains and i think what really counts is what's with in because beauty will not be forever there.
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• Melbourne, Florida
14 Jan 07
I'm not a guy, but I'm going to guess the answer to this question is largely dependant on the age of the man answering the question.
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@freesoul (3023)
• Egypt
14 Jan 07
I think you may be right but some young men have more brains than desire too :) any sane man will prefer brains when it comes to long comitment and marraiage, still many men will be facinated by beauty but if the woman doesn't have a decent brain they will get tired with her sooner or later. I prefer brains any time, maybe because I'm not so young anymore :)
@shellster (176)
• Philippines
14 Dec 11
i have read a book which said: MEN gets attracted with beauty but they get married because of character. is it right men?
@weezy250m (1892)
• United States
20 Jan 07
love - LOVE is all that matters.
I will prefer an woman who posseses a descent beauty, a descent I.Q. But I think neither of the two matters when you love a person. If you love a person, you won't give a damn on how she look or how high is his/her I.Q. Love is all about acceptance and respect. But if you are just flirting around. Then maybe beauty is just what you are after.
@darkblade (124)
• Philippines
17 Jan 07
I guess I would go for the average looking but with high IQ. Well it's a given that guys go for the model type girls (and i'm a guy) but to me it is more of who she is. I don't want someone who's pretty but cannot hold a conversation. I'm into the more logical thinking girls. It's great fun to have an argument with them because you'll know their views about the world. Just being pretty is boring.
• India
14 Jan 07
i think there should be a combination of both beauty and brain . a woman without brain cant be a good wife ,who has to manage all the household issues.but beauty is also necessary.
• Romania
14 Jan 07
i am not thinking about this any more...i am what i am...who likes it ok, who doesn't i don't care...
@hattipunk (434)
• Nepal
14 Jan 07
well i would prefer beauty wit a bit brain inn her.... wel if u do not have beauty than its not so much fun wit the i would prefer beauty rather than brain...
@amish2222 (235)
• United States
14 Jan 07
Although, it all depends on personal preferences but an ideal match would be beauty with brains. I would prefer a beauty who is not a bimboo because I would like to have more beautiful babies.... just kidding.