Govt of India has forced reservation on us. What could be the best possible sol.

January 13, 2007 11:48pm CST
Every youth in india concern about resrevation. Is it going to serve the purpose? I do agree there are under privilaged in India, but the problem with them is more economical than related to custs. Lets identifi the places where this unprivileged population is beyond certain limit. Give them education , medical facilities, provide them communication facilities with rest of the country. Once someone get confidence and compititiveness in todays india, he cannot be suppresed by classes. Govt is just avoiding this root cause.only a few of the "once a backword class" member of the society is going to get undue advantage of this poliecy. This people leave normally in our modern society without carrying any stigma of backwordness. They even dont like to corelate them with backword classes except only to get personal advantage. Urge Govt not to be biased by only political gain in UP or Bihar. Rest of India needs a deferant treatment for this age old problem.
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