Why most elders think yong genaration is detoriating

January 14, 2007 12:11am CST
you most have heard it from some elderly mouth,"this genaration is hopeless, this generation is selfish, they are not willing to work as herd as us, there is no moraliety in them". lots more. Consider the time of 70tees, or even 20 year earlier or whatever u can.and parallely see our country on that time. i hardly see anything gone bad other than pollution level. If education has detoriated? If life standard has gone down? If u go in moral side, If conciousness of people has not increased? If Level of positive thinking has not improved?If not judiciery is giving better judgement? And if all this can happen with degrading intrigrity among people? The only cause mightn be that people who has passed their golden age loves all that related to their golden age.It is their love to that time that make them dislike the changed conditions in which they in which they no longer posses the authoriety.
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