are u supersticious

January 14, 2007 12:38am CST
Most of the people thinks that when a black cat crosses the road then it is a sign of bad luck.There are many things that are taken as a bad sign or luck.Do u think like that.are u also supersticious?
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• Hong Kong
14 Jan 07
To be honest, I am also a little supersticious,but not too much. I think it is just a mental hint because many people said it is a bad sign. I don't know if those who have seen some bad signs really meet some bad things. I am from China,and there are also many so-called bad signs, such as the yell of night owl. it is said the person would be ill if he has heared of the yell of owl at night. those so called signs were spreaded widely, and many children have heard of that when they were a kids. they often belive that. Even when they grow up, those hearsays still have some effects on them. But who knows if it is true? there is a old Chinese sayings: we'd rather believe it does exist than doubt it. I think this saying may influence me much, so I am not sure if the so called bad signs are true or not. Sometimes I try to avoid thinking about that. Good luck to you!