a message for boyfriends

January 14, 2007 12:55am CST
I just saw somebody posted advice for girlfriends so I am posting advice for boyfriends. If you sit around all day and play video games and never do anything fun and your gf if bored and sitting around watching you you are not a very good bf. She will leave you and go to some guy who takes her places and gos to parties and has fun. So dont sit aroudn adn be boring adn expect her to wait for you becuase she wont she will go to be with sombody who is more fun. So there.
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• United States
14 Jan 07
sounds like you have had this happen to you in the past. am i right? Thomas Kvamme
• Canada
14 Jan 07
Yes I just broke up with my old bf because of that. He never did anything with me and it was really boring. I have a new bf who is much nicer to me and more fun to be with.
@smtopgun (202)
• India
15 Jul 07
Well I cant see a reason on the first place that you chose such a guy for a relationship. Atleast you should know what is the day to day routine of your boy friend. Although I remember a friend of mine whose girlfriend was also a gaming maniac and they had nice time having fun on their PS2. Also this word "fun" is very misleading, its meaning is different for different people. I agree that chilling out in a cafe with some exotic flavoured sheesha is fun but sometimes playing games on your XBOX 360 at 2:00 am is also fun.
@manu224 (1143)
• Italy
19 Jan 07
the boys that are closed to play with the video games go avoided, the life goes lived because is too short