Depression and medication...

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January 14, 2007 1:58am CST
I suffer from depression. I've suffered from depression for most of my adult life. But like many people do, I didn't deal with it and hoped it would go away. I was very stubborn and thought I should be able to deal with what I was feeling and 'just get over it.' Ha, what a joke as other suffers will agree with me. I have now been on medication for the past year and am a mush happier and stable person. I take a low dosage of Zoloft, but it is enough to get all those chemical in my crazy brain back where they need to be! I had an issue with taking the medication to begin with. But after experiencing what effect it has on my life I wouldn't want to go back to not taking medication. Not any time soon anyway! My question to other depression sufferers is this. Can you see yourself at any stage coming off your medication? Do you want to come off your medication? Does it scare you, the thought of regressing to the time before you starting taking medication? I know for one I'm scared what would happen if I stopped taking my meds. I know what a huge difference the medication makes in my life and how much of a positive impact taking my meds has made on my life. But also, saying that, I would like to think that there may be a time in the future I wasn't taking medication everyday for my depression. Any thoughts????
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