Do you think I was wrong or my friend was wrong? Do you think she likes me?

@Sorathian (4331)
January 14, 2007 2:48am CST
My friend got really mad at me because...well here is the story I first was going to pick up my girlfriend but I couldn't. Then two of my friends were home a girl and a guy, so I invited them to go eat with me , but the girl told me oh forget it you got food in your house so I was like ok. Right there my Girlfriend called me to go pick her up so I told my friends. The girl got mad at me and over reacted like if she was jealous, saying it wasn't right for me to go to my Girlfriend's house after I invited her and my other friend to eat but she had said to leave it for another day. now who's wrong, she or I? Some people say she might like me because we are always hanging out. She even bought an 80 GB Video Ipod for my birthday that had some haters talking BS but anyways, give me your feedback please.
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