I have rotten teeth !

@shogunly (1406)
January 14, 2007 9:21am CST
2 years ago i visited a dentist :"you must brush your teeth every day !" he said while looking into my mouth , "Thank god ........I never put one in my mouth !" I replied jokingly and the nurse burst into laughter . My teeth have been slowly decaying ever since , they would PAINLESSLY turn black then slowly get chipped off untill a whole tooth disappears . I have been smoking almost 2 packets a day lately and my consumption of PEPSI became unbelievable (sometimes up to 6 cans a day, at least one daily) and because the decay is more on the side i always keep the cigarette on I assumed it had to do with the smoking . I SUSPECT (nobody told me -yet) that my breath must be disgusting ,in my job I must get close to people and I must do that WITHOUT making them uncomfortble , I also fear the impact of my black smile on my future fiance/wife . questions : #1 to girls , what do you think of men with bad mouth health? what if they have a lot of other good qualities? #2 the front upper 6 teeth are mostly rotten and almost half gone , what do you advise me to do ?just root filling or go all the way for implants ? what about porcelaine veneers? what country has these available cheaply ?
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@balasri (26554)
• India
16 Jan 07
To your second query my suggestion is Chennai in India is the best in surgeries and dentistry on par with the best in the world and nearly 1/4 the of the expenses of the western countries.You can make enquiries and verify.
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@shogunly (1406)
• Libya
18 Jan 07
Thank you for the info , I will check on Chennai.