The World's Worst

@andygogo (1580)
January 14, 2007 9:23am CST
The US & UK media constantly try to smear all other countries with their scurrilous propaganda. But in reality, NO PEOPLE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD HAVE EVER SUNK AS LOW AS THE ANGLO/AMERIKANS 1.The worst proliferator of arms is the US with the UK in second place; these gun-runners profit from death. 2.The worst episode of drug dealing was the Opium wars, waged because the UK had nothing to trade worth except opium grown in occupied India. They didn't even ban it in the UK for another 85 years after they poisoned China. 3.The worst obesity rates are in the Anglo nations; respectively, the US, Australia and the UK. 4.The worst food in the world is in the US where their own doctors recommend that you never eat them and where the likes of McDonalds hire disaffected losers who relieve their resentment by adding their body-fluids to the meals. The French ridicule the "ros-beef" because the Anglos have no cuisine. Europeans laugh at the Anglos who buy vegetables out of season. Because they fed cows, the offal from other cows, the Anglos created BSE and also have salmonella infested eggs and foot & mouth diseased cattle (no not the sheeple). 5.The land of the free has the highest rate of imprisonment with the UK coming in second worst in the world. UK prisons have overflowed yet again into the police holding cells. 6.The US has the worst rate of WTO violations. The UK has no economic clout so daren't risk upsetting trading partners. 7.The US has the worst record of abuse of the UN veto on the security council along with the UK poodle. It was only these two that supported sanctions on Iraq that starved to death 1.5 m in Iraq. It was only these two along with Israel that refused to call for an immediate cease fire in the recent incursion into Lebanon 8.The Anglos are the world's worst debtors. The US is the worst in history. The UK has the worst trade deficits in its entire history. 9.The US has the world's worst human rights record. As well as the "gulag of our times", the US now legalises torture, kidnappings, indefinite detention without even charges and spying on its own citizens. 10.US and UK tourists are notorious for being the rudest, most violent hooligans. Niall Ferguson informs us that Hitler copied the US expansion into the mid-west as the basis for Naziism. 11.Of course, to spread the world's most scurrilous lies, only the BBC and CNN operate a global propaganda news "service". Apparently, Goebbels emulated UK propaganda. 12. Racism in the Anglo nations is the worst in the world. Although other imperialist nations have used racism as an excuse, to justify oppression, with the Anglos the hatred of anything unusual to their small minds is intrinsic. Japan, for example called Chinese ''pigs" during the occupation of China, even though Japan is a former chinese colony. In the US however, there was widespread rioting over black music, without any war. Humans override the fear of the unknown or unusual because of a superior intellect. 13. The UK used to boast about its Nazi-occupation of other people's land's, saying, ''the sun never sets" on the evil Anglo empire. Now its mis-begotten offspring occupies over 160 sovereign nations. These are just a few of the reasons the Anglos are despised by all their neighbours.
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