@helpout (210)
January 14, 2007 9:42am CST
does anybody out there use limewire file sharing,if so what do you think of it??
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@chiyosan (29383)
• Philippines
29 Aug 09
its a good software, and its free too. hehe i love it and have found nice songs tha i could not find anywhere else in the internet... its easy, manageable and fast too.
• India
5 Mar 07
Ares and Limewire is the best that i had used
@freesoul (3024)
• Egypt
14 Jan 07
I never used it because it contains Trojans and adware, I know of people who used it and caused them problems, I use emule and I think it's the most clean and fastest file sharing program available now. I also use torrents downloads, torrents are a different system and it's also very good and clean, ABC is a good torrent client program to start with.
@kool78 (490)
• India
14 Jan 07
the downloading is too slow
@lauriefnp (5112)
• United States
14 Jan 07
I know that a lot of people love LimeWire, but I had a horrible experience with it. I wouldn't go near LimeWire or any other file-sharing program ever again. I has so many corrupt files and trojans embedded in my hard drive from downloads at LimeWire on my old computer. The computer was fine before I started downloading from LimeWire, and it just got progressively more screwed up, even with the best antivirus and spyware programs installed and running. Now, with my new computer, I will download only from secure and reliable sites. You get what you pay for... You can never be sure what the person who uploaded the file to LimeWire has done to corrupt it.