Gambling gone out of control

January 14, 2007 9:49am CST
I've lied to my parents, my girlfriend and am lucky to still have them both. In the past year I have gambled away almost £20,000 and am desperate for money. This money came from work earnings, savings and borrowed from the bank and parents. I owe the bank about £5,000 and my parents about £3,000. I am also up to my overdraft limit. Shckingly I am also a student so have no real income until April. I don't want to quit uni but it is looking desperate. I cannot get a job anywhere either and there isn't much going for me. I do still have my girlfrind who I love dearly and she has forgiven me AGAIN. I'm scared as whenever I get money I blow it. I only got my student loan a few days ago and its all gone. I've searched ways of making money online and tried everything. My parents don't know about my last flutter when I lost about £1500 but I am scared to tell them as they will tell me to come home or quit uni. They aren't rich people either, I have almost skint them from borrowing. I am really stuck, but don't know where to turn. I have to pay the bank £90 next week for my personal loan and need £720 for rent by 1st february. I have already been for help at uni with money and don't think they will help again. I am also seeing a counseller but haven't done so for a few weeks because of the christmas period. Please help.
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