this is not my new experience in America ! Living under the terrorism

@andygogo (1580)
January 14, 2007 9:51am CST
I was recently in New York State, Maryland and Washington, D.C. and also went all over the Plains States, Missouri, Kansas etc. I was shocked why an average American has to go through so much pain and suffering at the Airport. Are our living being affected by the terrorist? Are the terrorists winning in America? Let's see. The Homeland Security raised the terror alert to orange this Monday. When I passed through the gate at Buffalo International Airport, I was subjected to "taking my jackets off, my shoes off" and went into a chamber with gas puffing at me to detect any bomb materials. Luckily enough, my feet is not stink ! Reporters are now hanging out at the airports and when the movie stars going through security, they have to take off their clothes except their T-shirt, etc. What a view for the photographers. Why are we living in such a terror state in America ? I can not even buy a 5 1./2 oz of skin lotion at a local Wal-mart and bring the lotion , skin lotion to the plane. O M G, it is more than 3 oz. You are not allowed to bring any liquid more than 3 oz aborad any domestic or international flight. Well, the airline attendant (off-duty)sitting next to me was carrying a 1 L bottle of liquid and drinking a lot of liquid (alcohol). I wonder there is one set of security rule for the passengers and another set of rules for the flight attendant. What if the TSA failed to screen all the flight attendants? May be they are blond and beautiful and smile, so they can pass the security without taking their jackets off. Why are America living in fear? Why I can not even bring a pop (a cold drink) to the plane? I have to drink 1 L of coke before boarding or have to discard the coke. Is something wrong with America? I am just a normal citizen but I can not bring any sun block gel (not even liquid) onto the plane. WHY ??? The TSA security took my Wal-mart sun block gel away. It was 5 oz, just 2 oz more than required and it is not even a liquid. What is "liquid"? Is skin lotion a liquid? I have to drive and the sun burnt me up, burnt my skin and I am not allowed even in America to bring skin sun block , a 5 oz SPF 15 sun block to the plane to Florida? America has lost its innocence and America is under sieze ! The police at Washington, D.C. was guarding the Airport with machine guns at the security gate while there were no uniform secuity/police/federal agents in uniform at the KC kansas City International airport. I went through Baltimore, Chicago and also few other aiports in the Midwest and Plain States and did not see and security wth machine guns. It makes me scare to see a 5 feet long machine gun pointing at American when they go through the airport. Also the female TSA federal agent was nice to me and allowed me to carry the sun lotion from Wal-mart to the plane but when I returned the second time, her check point was turned off and I went to another security check point, the male TSA agent took my Wal-mart skin lotion (not a liquid) away. I did not say anything but I managed to put the skin lotion SPF 15 on my hands to show him it is not a bomb or liquid but just Wal-mart skin lotion. I lost USD 5.75 The business at all the American airports have suffered huge loss because no one buy a large quantities of stuff. How much money you can make by selling a 3 oz lotion (have to be in a plastic small bag) Is the terrorists winning in America ? Absolutely ! The terrorism disturbed a normal person trip to Florida for sun and fun. I have to throw all my drinks away, either drink most of the drinks and threw away the rest. Next time, I am going to an American Airport with sandals so I don't have to take my shoes off Relax, it is good business for politicians to breed a climate of fear, divisiveness and hatred. Besides which, it's mid-term election, the politicians must show everyone they have it all under control. Just someone tell me 9/11 hasn't been a bonanza for politics! Any politicians worth his/her salt would pick up on it and run with it, but no politicians in the West have come up with a workable solution. I was recently on a domestic flight in Australia, I had to go through the detector several times, it wouldn't stop beeping. The sensitivity level must have been set on high. I had to take off my shoes etc. When I muttered to myself, the burly guard shouted aggressively: "Don't give me sh*t or else." The other security guard threatened me with a body cavity search. That guard looked as if he had suffered from Iodine Deficiency Syndrome as a baby. When was the last time a Hong Kong Chinese person carrying a laptop blew up a plane? But, it was a good opportunity for the bigots to let out their venom. Politicians just love that. This is not a Chinese problem. It is whities' problems. We don't want to import that into China. As for terrorists, well, has anyone thought of asking them why they want to attack the West and what it is that they want, other than senseless mass murders?
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