Racial discrimination and inhumane treatment of crew members on cruise lines

June 27, 2006 9:23pm CST
Dear Sirs, As a crown and Anchor member of Royal Caribbean cruise lines ,I have seen many different things that I feel are disgraceful regarding the treatment of the crew members of color. I have personally witnessed blatant favortism regarding promotions, free time given,and work schedules. Most recently I've tried to contact many crew member friends that I've aquired over the years on 5 different Royal Carribean ships and the ship lines have been cut off to crew members. It is a known fact that many of these crew members come from impoverished countries and cannot afford the ship to shore charges of $7.00 a minute with a major credit card, which most dont have. I feel Royal Carribean as a multi million dollar company promotes slave trade. This is very apalling to me and I feel it should be investigated for the sake of the quality of Human life. Anything that you can do that will help these hard working people will be a blessing.. Thank You, Maryann Pastorino
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