United States
January 14, 2007 12:09pm CST
Are there any WWE fans out there who, like myself, find themselves gravitating toward Total Nonstop Action? Over the past year, TNA has really stepped up the quality of their character development and, with recognizable stars like Sting, Kurt Angle and Christian Cage, it's becoming a viable competitor to WWE programming. The quality of the wrestling blows WWE out of the water. Anyone agree?
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@faran123 (197)
• Pakistan
15 Jan 07
How can you compare TNA to Wwe in any sence at all? TNA is about wrestling,i cannot stress this enough.In the past five years all wwe has cared about is being a gigantic corporation that doesn't care for it's fans at all.They have all these "sports entertainers"these days that are very large muscular men'but don't know a suplex from an armdrag(that's an exaggeration so please,no unintelligent/no thought involced comments on that). TNA has literally the best WRESTLERS out there today.WRESTLERS don't go out to the ring and do 3 moves over and over again.but apparently "sport-entertainers"do.I believe that i'll stick to watching WRESTLING,and not WWE's product ( by the way,everyone alive in the past 60 years has known that wrestling or WWe's product "sports-entertainment" is scripted,so please don't start the "AY DON"T YOU KNOW WRESLINGS FAKE" stuff).If you watch WWE sports-entertainment that's fine,but don't compare it to TNA wrestling
• United States
15 Jan 07
Your reaction is what I was hoping to find although, geez, switch to decaf, buddy. The WWE is hitting another stagnant point, creatively, but I don't think they're ignoring their fans. Vinnie Mac knows that without the fans, they have nothing, but I agree that the company's gotten too big to have the energy of TNA. The WWE doesn't let its guys pull out all the stops in the ring because there's too much money riding on them in merchandising alone. TNA's young and hungry and some very hardworking guys are finally getting a shot, which is great. I'm not sure why you're so angry that I compared two different versions of scripted fighting, but no one's wrong here.
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@xkaraix (596)
• Australia
14 Jan 07
I've never seen it. We don't have the option of watching it here and they don't seem to sell any dvds or they're not released here
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@lonewolfnan (4367)
• Canada
14 Jan 07
TNA has been making headlines by bringing in some excellant talent while securing and broadening their fan base.I admit to still not understanding the idea of the 6-sided ring as it has forced the wrestlers to alter their projections thus stepping out of alignment and showing how fake that move actually is,but the action they do show is nicely put together to get the maximum wrestling stories in the shortest time period. I believe they need more television time to improve on the storylines and recognition.As long as they do not try to go one-on-one with the WWE (until they are more financially solid),they will be a positve alternate to WWE and be around for many years AS LONG AS THEY CREATE THAT FAN BASE.
• Netherlands
18 Feb 07
No man, wwe is way better than TNA, and tna has some mony problems, so over a couple years Vince is gonna buy TNA.
• United States
18 Feb 07
I agree, tNA will be bought by Vince in a few years. TNA just isn't as exciting and is also even more fkae then WWE, I mean some matches are like 10 minutes or less, that is really short and is obviously fake. Also, tNA has one brand, WWE has three. TNA Impact 1 hour, RAW and Smackdown 2 hours. Because TNA has less time, they alwys like to put more matches on the PPVs and I think that's just stupid.
@silv3rcut (178)
12 May 07
TNA has stepped up the paces, but not good enough to fight WWE just yet. They just need a few supersatars like RVD.
@redfang (969)
28 Apr 07
i have to strongly agree with you here, i have watched tna and wwe for some time and have seen them both live and i feel tna is becoming superior to wwe in many ways, i recently saw tna in orlando florida just after their last payperview in st luis and it was really good, i did like the fact that when you are sat there watching it live the ring does not bang so much unlike wwe and with only 300 in the audience each time in orlando thats great, i have to watch for this because my youngest is disabled and hates loud bangs and in wwe he didn't enjoy the night at all but with tna he was alright apart from the dudleys enterance so tna has it for me at the moment really but i will continue to watch wwe as i have done for years
@iamsree (441)
• India
21 Feb 07
i have been watching wwe for the last 10 years and tna for the last 2 years. i agree that TNA is becoming better and better ,they've got great talent in the likes of chris sabin,sonjay dutt,LAX,AJ styles,Pete williams,Samoa JOE and bankable wrestlers like kurt angle,sting,christian etc.But i don't like the six sided ring it would've great for a royal rumble but not for other matches.i also dislike the overall television packaging in which wwe is the best.TNA also lacks good female superstars ,in the coming years i am certain that tna will become serious competition to the wwe.