Crash went the vase .... !

@patootie (3593)
January 14, 2007 2:41pm CST
My life has never been straightforward or easy ... I have Severe Degenerative Osteo-Arthritis .. Chronic Asthma .. and Fibromyalgia Syndrome which is generally the main cause of all my pain and fatigue No, no ... I don't need sympathy .. but thanks for the kind offer I've been ill all my life so I am used to not having energy and in dealing with daily pain .. hey get that string quartet out of here ... no violins required I'll make a list of the 'Fibro' symptoms in another post ... as they do directly help make some rather 'daft' or 'quirkyly interesting' things happen to me during most weeks .... and no .. I really don't mind if you laugh out loud or even groan inwardly at my silly shenanigans. Take yesterday for instance I was feeling a bit energetic .. so decided to wash the lounge bay window ... tried out the new time saving window cleaning stuff I had bought ... 'wash over once and dries clear' it said ... Hey I thought this isn't half bad ... no smears for once ... :Cheer: .. The old artificial sunflowers I'd had in a vase were looking a bit manky and decidedly past their best so I binned those ... Hmmmm .. but then the window sill looked very bare ... racking my brains to think what I could put in place of the sunflowers I remembered I'd bought a set of three pretty vases many moons ago ... then didn't dare put them out in case my late cats knocked them over Having delved into the bottom of one of my kitchen cupboard and heaved the vases box out I gave them a wash ... the new vases were soon washed and dried ... I put them on the window sill and they look a real treat .. just the right colour to go with my curtains .. Took all the cleaning materials back to the kitchen ... made myself a coffee ready to sit and have a rest after my exertions .. and just as I was about to come in here and sit at the computer I thought I'd have a peak at how nice my 'new' vases looked in the sunshine which had just managed to shine for the 1st time that day ... Brilliant I thought ... they glow beautifully with the sunlight flooding in through the newly washed windows .. hmmm .. but one wasn't quite in the right place ... I walked over ... barely touched the vase to change it's position ... and CCCRRRAAASSSSHHHH over it went .... NOOOOOOOOO I don't believe it ... I'd hardly touched it ... only moved it a fraction of an inch ... how on earth it fell over I'll never know as I didn't even pick it up .... so now one of my 'new' vases is decidedly not so new ... it's got a big fracture in it ... Sigh ... it'll never be the same .. but I'm going to try and run some super glue over the inside of the vase ... once my hands stop shaking again ... and see if that'll stop the crack from 'running' any further ... Flippin' fibro .... a perfectly good set of brand new vases crocked up before they were even 10 minutes out of the box ...
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@cherhost (1073)
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14 Jan 07
I really like the way you went into detail about it... it seems like a normal day here. There is not one day when something doesnt break! I know you said not to give you sympathy so I am not going to say sorry or anything like that... but I will tell you that there are so many people out in the world with nothing wrong with them whom think they need pity. So props to you! I think you have a great out look on life! :)