My green,colorful old and new friends.

@andygogo (1580)
January 14, 2007 3:22pm CST
My green,colorful old and new friends. I was going through stacks of negatives while doing the "What I saw" post and came across some nice pictures I took some 25 years ago. They were my beloved flowers. I call them my green and beautiful friends. So here I am, let me present my beauties to the chinadaily members and hope you would say hello to my old friends. I stll don't have much to show in my garden yet; Wait for a month or so, I would definitely be showing off my 2006 green and colorful friends (fresh from my garden). Please post your colorful friends here if you have their pictures. I would love to meet your beauties. I just want to enjoy their color, forms and, I will not engage in any shop talks about my friends. However, you can talk whatever you want about my friends or your own...I always like to refer to one of my favorite sayings, "Be my guest".
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@pinkeagle (202)
• United States
14 Jan 07
Your profile page says you are 24. How could you have taken photos 25 years ago?
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• Egypt
15 Jan 07
if that true so i heard a funny thing here .. maybe the post from the future and we go there .. kidding... i think that he was mean another meaning and we didn't understand it well or i'm who didn't