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Foreigner's view of America.  - This was done after Katrina. I thought the people of New Orleans were getting treated like garbage. I also thought the fact that the city and the state "owed" the Federal government for that effort was unbelievably unrealistic. Given that proportionately Katrina did more human and material damage to NO than 9/11 did to New York, it was a horrible thing to watch.
January 14, 2007 3:26pm CST
One of the reasons for all this anti-Americanism is "the culture". (The other reasons are apparently that the critics don't know how to change the macro, and that double standards are so much fun.) If you base your view of America on its media, you'd definitely get a pretty confusing view. I've had a few American friends over the years, and "Laguna Beach" definitely isn't their scene. Nor do any of them noticeably form chorus lines while doing drive-bys. Media has its place in any society, but it's never the whole story, and rarely the real picture. Much as I'm looking forward to a new show called "CSI Laguna Beach", I feel somehow there has to be more to the place.
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@MrNiceGuy (4147)
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16 Jan 07
You are so right. EVerytime I see Laguna Beach or "The Real World" I get furious at how fake it all is. Isn't it ironic that "the REal World" is so unlike the real world? No one has that much drama in their lives, and if they start that much, they need to die.
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@moneymaka (495)
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15 Jan 07
Actually america isnt as it is on t.v, im sure you will like america just dont visit new york
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