who is your idol (Bill Gates VS Andy Lau)??

@andygogo (1580)
January 14, 2007 3:33pm CST
in campus, we have free time to discuss who is our idol, hehe, most of us think is Andy Lau or David Beckham; in nowadays, so less time to focus with both of them, althrough still interesting in football, but for David become the substitution, and with the LFP's TV rebroadcast time, so difficult to support him.... now, most people we talked about is about business men, Bill, li jiacheng, chen tianqiao ,ect. let's us discuss with who is our idol in nowadays: A. Li jiacheng (the richest man in chinese); B. Bill Gates (the richest man in the world); C. Huang guangyu (the richest man in PRC, Gome ceo); D.Dell (Dell computer ceo); E. Jacky cheung (cheng long, the movie super star for wushu); F.Andy Lau (the singer and movie super star, the NO.1 younger idol in Asia); G.Mao zedong (the first chairman in PRC); H. David Bechham (the handsome football star, former england captain); I. Nobel (the inventer for detonator); J.Yao ming(the basketball star in NBA); ... ... others, please list .....
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