daughter in bed for first time

January 14, 2007 3:43pm CST
scary night tonight, daughter in a bed for first time after sleeping in a cot, keep expecting to hear her fall out of bed, and good tips to prevent this?
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@xXmeganxX (4422)
26 Jan 07
hi, yes you should purchase something like a baby monitor in order to listen to every movement. my daughter sleeps in my bed sometimes and she is 2 yrs old but she can't fall out if she's at the top of the bed because i got thinking good and thought put my bed next to the wall so she can't fall out and the other side, i will put the cot there, so im happy about this because she hasn't falled out! :)
@superchook (1786)
• Australia
26 Jan 07
Well I am probably a bit late now because you probably have it all worked out. My youngest child is nearly two and we have recently put him in a bed. The first few nights he didn't roll out, but then one night he did, so I put a pillow next to him about half an hour later he rolled out again, so I got a spare quilt and rolled it up next to him. He didn't fall out again. The next night we decided to tuck a pillow under his mattress and that seemed to work too.
14 Jan 07
Not really any tips, just be ready with open arms for hugs incase it happens! When my son 1st went into a bed from a cot I remember he lured me into a false sense of security, was fine the 1st few nights, but then after that he fell out every night for a few days. Luckily he's always seemed to have a sense of humour and found it highly amusing!
@tambdy (1969)
14 Jan 07
Do you have a baby listner, the 1st night my daughter sleep in the bed i could not sleep. I actually lifted her into my bed and let her sleep there, which was a bad idea as she never wants to sleep in her own bed now. Just keep a lookout and everything will be ok and make sure you try and get some sleep because i bet your little one will be.