who wrote a LETTER

@andygogo (1580)
January 14, 2007 4:07pm CST
who wrote a LETTER One of my customer(AAA) brought us a LETTER during his visit. The letter read: my boss pay commision for assistant buyer- who works for our powerful customer BBB. customer AAA said: the letter is a copy from president of customer BBB. the letter was sent from China,Guangzhou.. the letter was written in English,signed by my Purchase manager...who is Chinese... Customer AAA said the letter written by me-- I am export manager---I have more opportunities and reasons to do... My boss has few people to suspected---including me,too...the others who has resigned.... Customer AAA has a factory cooperation with my boss--they signed the contract,which that Customer AAA has monopoly to sell our products to Northen American.. Customer BBB has their own market,different with AAA,which place us order directly,including AAA's order (My statement: there is nothing relating to business confidential) I would like to discuss with all of you who can offer me very good suggestions and comments.
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