Playing back up games on PS/2?

January 14, 2007 5:02pm CST
a schoolmate of mine loaned me his "final fantasy X" for PS2, only to find out it was only a a back up. i asked him how am i suppose to play with the game since my system isn't modded (i'm highly against piracy). He told me he never lends out his games instead he makes back ups and these are what he lends out. He also told me that i dont need to mod my system to play back up cd's. he says i just need a CodeBreaker or Gameshark or ActionReplay to load a game, "just choose the 'do not load cheat' option on the menu"..... just wanted to know if you guys know anything about this... i've been wondering about it if its really possible. I nver came around to buying those cheat cd's. i'd rather beat the game fair and square if i can, if not the walkt throughs are my last resort. anyways just hoping for info
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