Industrial Music

January 14, 2007 10:34pm CST
I have been a fan of skinny puppy for years and years how many other fans are out there and if so what songs do u like the early stuff or the recent stuff that has come out "the greater wrong of the right" any one own or seen the greater wrong of the right LIVE dvd BRAP on
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@hroptr (13)
• Canada
9 Mar 07
I have been a fan since I was 13, I am now 33. I love all of their stuff.
@v_kirk08 (89)
• United States
25 Feb 07
see, i like a few of skinny puppies songs, but the real reason that i like skinny puppy, is because they help start of the industrial scene, a lot. so i feel they should be recognized for there contributions. i do like worlock tho, but i find that there newer stuff, like on myspace, isnt all that ...well, pleasing
• United States
14 Feb 07
My favorite album has got to be Rabies, then Back and Forth 2 and 3. The new stuff takes a little to get used to. Greater Wrong was pretty good. Mythmaker was also pretty good, but they are not what Skinny Puppy was in the begining! All bands evolve. Some for the better, others not. I like where they are going, but hope for more distortion and old sound every so often! I don't really like the new Metallica sound, so I stick to Master of Puppets and earlier. Can't beat the classics!
@inked4life (4227)
• United States
18 Jan 07
Hey..nice to see a fellow skinny puppy fan out there. The only album that I really couldn't get into was "The Process". I have tried to go back to it a few times but can't seem to get into it at all. My fave album is probably "VivisectVI", and my favourite tracks, top 5 would be 1. VX Gas Attack 2. Worlock 3. Deep Down Trauma Hounds 4. Smothered Hope 5. Tormentor I'm a big fan of industrial music in general with my current favoourites being Hocico