Are you a World of Warcraft "Widow" ?

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January 14, 2007 10:54pm CST
So are you one of those spouses who got dumped for a computer game? I DO NOT GET the concept of making this game a priority. My husband is addicted to this game. He's in the military, and after spending ALL DAY at work talking about the game with guys in his flight, he comes home and spends HOURS playing the game with them, chatting, etc. I know it could be worse, he could be finding his relaxation time at a bar, at the bottom of a bottle or in another woman's bed..but GEEEZ we have a family here dude. Anybody else have this problem? Are there any HUSBANDS who's wives are addicted? Iknow there are some husband/wife teams, but we have a son to take care of, and a baby on the way..we cant both play all the time!
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10 Jul 07
I had an ex-boyfriend whose life revolved around WoW. The most telling sign that it was a problem is that I called him one night because I was having a bad night, and needed to get out of my apartment. He said I could come over, but he was playing WoW. I ended up sitting on the floor of his computer room for more than 2 hours while he finished something up. It was supposed to take 45 minutes. One of his friends on there mentioned this, and he looked at me and said "yeah, you've been here at least 45 minutes now," and I told him I had been there for 2 hours. It's definitely worse when there is a family involved. You probably need to have a serious talk with him about how it is affecting your family.
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9 Jul 07
LOL this still an issue? I know my brother was HOOKED to WoW for about a year. He was on that PC from after work until like 2-3am then leaving to work and totally blowing off his family. This was a MAJOR issue for a long time and SIL was always crying about it like we could really do anything to stop him (wishful thinking on her part). The good news is he doesn't play it as much anymore and it has dwindled down to almost nothing, as much PC time as anyone else in the family does. So, I guess there is hope that it does get better.