Need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 14, 2007 11:44pm CST
hi friends.. whats inside this brackets????????? is it the number of friedns we hav or the number of people's joined under me... coz i hav 7 inside brackets n ihav only 3 friends....
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@rein2410 (809)
• Australia
15 Jan 07
Its how many times u have posted on the discussion
• India
15 Jan 07
ohh.. let me check..
• India
15 Jan 07
yeah man.. thats true... thanks dudeee....
@happylim (660)
• Malaysia
10 Apr 07
I haven't joined mylot 3 months ago and you haven't log in to mylot since 1 month ago. But I think it's still not late to respond to this topic of your discussion and hope you will read it after you log in again later. The number within the bracket right beside your name shows the total number of responses and discussions you have posted in mylot and for the time being your have posted (38) in mylot. You will have a star with colour and number within it at left side of your user name when your number inside the bracker is (100) which means that you have posted 100 responses and discussions in mylot. What you have to do now is to as another 62 responses and discussions to make it (100) and obtain the star. Wish you all the best.
@jithinsb (520)
• India
15 Jan 07
that is the number of posts that you have made on mylot so far..if you are responding you will have a +1..and when you have a respond for the discussion started by you or for the comment you give to that response also you will get a +1.
@lauriefnp (5112)
• United States
15 Jan 07
The number inside the parentheses (brackets) is the number of posts that you have made on MyLot that were credited to your account. That number will go up every time you respond to a discussion. The number of friends can be viewed by going under the "friends" tab at the top of the page. After you are here for a while, you will also have a star by your name with a number between 1 and 10. This is your user rating, which reflects the quality of the posts you make, based on the negative and positive ratings that users give you for responses to their discussions. I think that you need 100 posts to get a star, but I'm not for sure on that one.