sky has no limit

January 15, 2007 1:05am CST
If so,then (1)How rockets are entering into another planets? (2)How human beings are planning to build houses on the other planets ? (3)How mobiles and phones are working on global positioning? (4)How men are harvesting artificial rain from sky? and so on What do you think?
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@Eiloin (327)
24 Mar 07
I am not sure if I understand you very well. The statement that sky has no limits does not imply that there are not other planets. The thought of building houses in other planets is probably referred to nearby planets, of our own solar system. I think at least. As for the cellphones, as far as I know, they only work on our own planet, and not even in every part of it. About the artificial rain, I have to admit I 've never heard about it. What exactly is it?