u like travelling?

@rsp9098 (755)
January 15, 2007 2:06am CST
hav u gone abroad?how many countries have u visited?u mite have experienced much difference in the culture!did it influence u?how?what abt the food?in india food are usually spicy!most of teh foreigners don't like it!
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• Philippines
15 Jan 07
I like travelling so much!!! Of course I enjoy more if its with my family. Of course you'll learn a lot of things and the satisfaction it will give you when you're in another country. I dont know, cant describe the feeling but it is very fulfilling when you go abroad often. In Bangkok, food is spicy there too. In China whether in mainland like Beijing and Shanghai, and even in Macau and Shenzhen, their food is oily. But you'll wonder why the oil does not freeze when its very cold in those places. Those are the places Ive been to so far. And Hong Kong too. In a few months I will take a trip to Italy. Maybe then I can share more stuffs. I cant wait!
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@annieroos (1846)
• United States
15 Jan 07
I do like traveling. So far i have only traveled in the U.S., but i hope to someday travel overseas.. I would love to see other countries.. the place i want to go it Italy, Spain, London, Paris.. there are so many.. I hope someday i can
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• Malaysia
15 Jan 07
i'll never travel outer of my country. for some reason i never have intention to doing so, but while thinking for quit sometimes, there is something we can found when travelling in others cultures. yeah, i keep it as my goal to going for travel, i'll money until it's enough for doing so :) then i will tell my experience
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@shogunly (1406)
• Libya
15 Jan 07
hello i was born here in libya , i then travelled while still a baby to the USA where i grew up till the age of 9 ,when my father finished his studies and we had to come back here. the part in your question about being AFFECTED by the culture abroad is most relevant in my condition .Although i was young when i came back from USA ,i had studied in american public schools ,and being a child at that time , i thought i was the same as everyone else . i continued to read books in english and in general even think in english . when i grew older i visited Germany on a health trip , because i had severe asthma I couldnt get good treatment for in my country . when i was only 15 i travelled by myself to Italy and took language courses there . I also travelled to Malta and EGYPT . Most recently I have been to London , UK for a license exam ,I was astonished by the great numbers of Hindis ,Pakistanis, and Bangla people there . I must add that the internet today REPRODUCES a lot of the cultural experience of travelling and meeting different people of different cultures . you can do all the travelling you like from the comfort of your bedroom . I also must add that I would like to visit India because of the many beautiful girls I found here on mylot , and to say the truth , I never thought of Hindi girls as pretty ,especially those with the red dot in the middle of their foreheads . but I think if there are a lot of girls who look like you ,tourism in India might be worthwhile .
@yrteja (651)
• India
15 Jan 07
yes,ilike travelling to any place and i will enjoy, do you.....?