The Man Who Was Shot by Nobody..

@raijin (10373)
January 15, 2007 2:29am CST
It was the strangest murder. A man was shot point-blank in broad daylight, escorted by one thousand soldiers and watched by five thousand well-wishers and no one saw who fired the gun. As expected, the President proclaimed that the killer was an enemy of the State, one who espoused a destructive ideology. Nevertheless, because he was benevolent and would like the murder thoroughly investigated, he assigned a Special Task Force to gather evidence and unravel the identity of the killer.For two years, the Special Task Force interviewed four hundred witnesses, filled two thousand notebooks in transcripts and spent a million dollar in the process. At the end of the investigations, The Spewcial Task Force Announced it's findings: 1) All the witnesses agreed on one thing - that they did not see anyone shoot at the victim, since they were all so scared by the sound of gunshot that they temporarily lost the use of their sense of sight. 2) The witnesses also seemed to have srom temporary amnesia, since none of them could recall with clarity the actual sequence of events that took place before their very presence. 3) The victim has many enemies, as evidenced by the fact that he wore a bullet-proof vest. 4) Finally, the victims death profited nobody but instead caused a minor economic crisis in the country. In the light of these findings, the Special Task Force concluded that, since evidence did Not Point to any particular person as the killer of the victim.. Then the victim must Surely have COMMITTED SUICIDE..
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