Soldiers life in iraq

@maikeeho (196)
January 15, 2007 2:49am CST
Was reading the news awhile ago and just found out US president Bush is sending more troops in iraq. I would prefer if he wont because so much soldier died there and counting. It would be great if they will withdraw all the troops. IIT just cost a lot of lives and money. If they used that billions of money to donate or help those less fortunate...probbaly millions of poor peopel will be living well instead of soldiers dying there.
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• Romania
15 Jan 07
Hello...I'm from Romania, my country has troops in Iraq and Afganistan too. I don't think that is a good idee to withdraw all the troops from Iraq. If the troops weren't there, it would be a civil war and many more people would die, even inocent children, and that country would never become a democratic one. Besides the terrorism would go to another levels which would be the worst thing that could happen.
@rohit55_56 (2301)
• India
15 Jan 07
very bad....