who buys all these very expensive things.

@andygogo (1580)
January 15, 2007 5:42am CST
On my visit in Beijing last summer I was under the impression that I could buy good quality things in low prices at least cheaper than in Greece. You can not believe my surprise when I saw all the western items ,like perfumes ,jewellery ,designers clothes bags and shoes in double prices than in Greece. My God I could not touch anything.Everything was double or more.Not only that but there vwere so many shops selling western products. I found so many Italian clothes that I can not find them in Italy.It was so disappointing because I was tempted to buy but I shouldn't .The were half priced in greece. Even in Athens I do not buy them because they are considered expensive and I prefer to go to Italy or England and find them in lower prices than Athens. My question is why are these products double priced in China?Who are the ones who buy them?Are thre so many rich people who would give a fortune to buy an Italian bag or shoes?and the chinese department stores were full of Italian clothes .This means that there must be a lot of buyers.
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