RHCP - cynical, scorning music to happy, feel-good, reflective alternative/punk?

January 15, 2007 9:24am CST
Don't you think Red Hot Chilli Peppers have discovered a new side to themselves in Stadium Arcadium? I mean music from By The Way and Californication used to be stuff that always seemed to be warning the world of some impending doom . . . whereas songs like Tell Me Baby and Dani California and even Snow are rhymes that seem to relate quite closely to fans that stuck with them through and through, and give a rather "happy" feeling to the listener . . . I might just be wrong about my opinion on early songs like Californication and Scar Tissue, so anyone who has another perspective of understanding them would be someone I would like to hear from. And not only that . . . from dancing naked on stage to moving onto performing with more than just guitars to cover them - well I think that's quite a big move [Frusciante still rocks man!]
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