Practical Joke Goes Horribly Wrong

@arvee17 (730)
January 15, 2007 10:47am CST
This story took place in a hospital and concerned a nurse, called Jane in the story. For some reason Jane was unable to get along with the other nurses in the hospital, and was constantly quarrelling with people. They purposely did things to annoy her because they felt she deserved it. One night after Jane had been particularly trying, they decided to do something particularly unpleasant. One of the nurses on surgery duty agreed to bring an arm which had been amputated that day to Jane's room and slip it in her bed after she was asleep. They knew this would frighten her, but they thought perhaps it might force her to be more agreeable in the future. The arm was carefully and quietly put in the bed and Jane did not wake up. The next morning she did not appear, and no sound came from her room. The nurses, thinking she might be sick, went to investigate. They opened the door slowly and saw Jane sitting on the bed. Her hair, which ha been black, was now completely white, and she was gnawing on the arm, making low gurgling noises all the while... I saw this story in Urban Legends reference pages and this story really happened in a hospital near Bowell in 1945. What do you think of the story? Did you get scared? Do you have any stories like this?
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• Philippines
21 Jan 07
oh that is totally crazy!!! i hope those nurses who did this to the nurse rot!
@clavinee (119)
• Philippines
16 Jan 07
I didn't even think this is scary. I think this is just like those horror flicks the u usually see. I don't know any stories like this.