United States
January 15, 2007 10:57am CST
I am VERY curious as to an explanation for the hypersensitivty that is abounding in society. To often I watch as people near by one of my conversations reacting to what I am saying, even though they are not party to the conversation. Why do they feel justified in taking offense at something that they had no reason to be listening to? I am just amazed that so many must take everything personally. I have a general understanding of the world around me and realize that only a few things in this world are directed at me. Of those few things, I have the option to take it personally or not just as everything else in life. So why then, is it, that society has fallen into a mode of internalizing everything that is presented to them and feeling the need to react to it? I think the most dramatic example I see of this is when I am speaking of my beliefs in a group of people and someone who is not a part of the conversation takes offense at what I believe. Now I am only speaking to my friends and this person must start berating me. Now I have not said one word to the person, they just heard what I was saying and HAS to respond. Rather than realizing that maybe that information was not MEANT for them and letting it go. Is it some form of self importance, a way to build one's self up, ego boost? Is it based on their religion, culture, family life, upbringing?
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