arsenal without henry??

@hamzee (29)
January 15, 2007 12:06pm CST
i believe there has been one big star in every team without whom a club becomes of half strength and for Arsenal that start is Henry and i reckon if he leave us we will be walkin on one leg.he is golden striker and an effective teacher.we can't afford to loose him.Henry's transfer from Arsenal would mean another 2 years 2 stablize the club. wot u guys say?
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• India
16 Jan 07
Theirry henry has been on of the most important players in arsenal But dont get carried away wenger is a great coach and he doesnt need henry alone to win tittles u see the game agaisnst manutd he won without henry so they hav lpayers like hleb fabregas and aliadere coming soo wenger can replace henry like he has done for viera
• India
16 Jan 07
Well i started supporting the club because of Henry.... es the king when it comes to scoring goals... I wish he never leaves the club but i would have no regrets if he thinks that he will do well at another club... We will be sad but we would have to respect his decision if he leaves Arsenal FC, he has done a lot for the club and has helped us win so many titles.... He as been a leader and a mentor for all the youngsters in the club. Wenger's most priced posession and the "World's Greatest Footballer"..... But we has also played well without Henry infact this season we did play well when Henry was injured... We will miss him if he leaves the club but i dont think we will suffer that much...... You never know wat Arsenal FC's gonna be like without their talismanic captain Theiry Henry...
@kaka135 (14115)
• Malaysia
16 Jan 07
I think Arsenal is really the most important player in the team. But, it seems that the team is getting stronger even without Henry. The team has played really well in the last few matches. So I don't think it'll be a problem for Arsenal without Henry. But of coz, I don't wish Henry to leave the team at all... I like watching Arsenal's matches with Henry around.
15 Jan 07
Well Henry has already committed himself to the club so i do not think he shall be leaving us but answering your question as you may have seen during the period when Henry was injured we managed to do remarkably well without him. I am not in any way saying we'd become a better team without him, but with the likes of our upcoming youngsters along with the likes of Gilberto, Van Persie,Fabregas and Rosicky i do not think even if the unthinkable happened it would take 2 years to stabalise the club.