Police Harassment Issues

United States
January 15, 2007 12:12pm CST
I am wanting to find out more on what the guidelines for an individual that is on misdemeanor court probation with a 4-way search and seizure clause, regaurding what is and what isn't police harassment. See on 12/27/2006 I was realeased from county jail after doing close to two months incarserated. On this same date a warrent was issued for my arrest for a court date that I missed due to my incarceration. While I was incarcerated I had my fiance file a form to have the court date moved forward to a date after my release, therefore removing any chance of a warrent being issued. Well two days after my release(the same day I get the notice in the mail about the warrent) I am doing a little bit of work on my car and was approached by an officer who is the same officer that has arrested me the last 4 to 5 times. Needless to say I was arrested for the warrent and bailed out. About a week and a half later while I was once again working on my car when who shows up at my house again, you guessed it the same officer again coming to search me and my house for no reason. This officer told my fiance that the reason why he keeps coming back is because he knows that every time he comes to my house he knows that he will find something here. He also said to my fiance and myself that this is making up for all the burglaries that I got away with. I don't have any kind of burglary charges on my back ground at all, just some minor drug charges hence the probation. Is this police harassment? Or can they really get away with this treatment! Please help me with any advice you can.
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