How do you feel about homelessness in the US ?

@abdi_708 (133)
United States
January 15, 2007 12:30pm CST
How do you feel about homelessness and what can the US government do about it? If you are not in the US, can you offer some suggestions that your country does. As I see it here it's mostly left up to the churches and other organizations. As well as the individual person. Our government spends money on unnecessary things and waste money that could be for worth while things. This one for one thing. There are alot of homeless that do not want to be. Yes, ome are there because of alcohol or other things. But others are there because of no job, housing costs are way to much, if they could afford that then they can't afford the rest, all of the utilities, insurance, a car to get to work. Some areas don't have public trasport. And it's way to far to walk to work. There are alot of famlies on the streets. People say, oh my gosh look at them, or oh God look. But do they stop and ask, "why are you here?" Or "how did you get to ths place" Or if they have an empty apartment offer it for a month or so and take it off on there taxes. I'd say No they probably didn't. I have taken a whole check of my husbands and got a place for a family. Put another family up in a hotel for a few days. Given others different denominations of money. Paid power bills, water bills. I can not afford to do all of this! But I do! It has to start somewhere. Why does our governmentnot help people? The ones that really need it and don't know how the "system" works because they have not been in it. Thanks for letting me vent. I could go on but won't.
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@Josh_R (23)
• United States
15 Jan 07
well the government is so busy with other matters (I.E. the war in IRAQ, searching for osama (are we still looking for him even?), passing new laws, etc.) but even if they werent so busy with all of that I still doubt they would give a care one way or the other about who has a home or job and who doesn't. but there ARE programs for people that help them to find a job, but the people have to be wanting to find a job and they have to give it their all.