Which girl do you prefer--- only beauty in appearance or have a beautiful soul?

January 15, 2007 1:09pm CST
It is known to all that "pygmalion,love."In campus,you will always see a beautiful girl with her arms surrounded by a handsome boy,they moves closer and have ambiguous expression.This scene is indeed both envious and jealous.Perhaps in order to show bars.Are there true love between them,who can know? I know people have vanity, but it is love, not a beauty pageant. Whether there was a genuine spirit between the sensor which is the most precious feeling.So boys, do not be misled by false eyes.Some girls are only good appearance,but the heart is not so beautiful,while some girls have very good character,the quality even outstanding,but have been neglected by boys just because they are not beautiful. I really do not know how these boys think!
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