Why do people make such a big deal about actually knowing MyLot friends?

United States
January 15, 2007 1:23pm CST
I'm new here, but I can already see that there is some rift between users who think that MyLot (as well as MySpace) friends lists are somehow sacred, and those who really don't care. What's the big deal? Why do people think that they have more integrity than others because they only add friends that they know personally? So what if someone makes friends just to make more money? Even if you disagree, please respond - I really just am not getting it. I.C. Jackson
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• Philippines
15 Jan 07
Helping people on the internet is a big deal. even though most people here are after the money, I think there are some out there who needs our help.
• United States
15 Jan 07
Why can't you do both? What's wrong with making money while you help people? I figure that adding lots of friends can indeed help them to make money here, too...if you stop by their discussion posts and provide meaningful responses. I.C. Jackson
@BunGirl (2639)
• United States
15 Jan 07
I think some folks get upset about it because they take the term "friends list" too literally. It's not necessarily just for people that you would really call friends in real life. It's also a great way to keep up with the posts made by people who have similar interests to your own!
@satyamss (870)
• India
15 Jan 07
u r right dear... who care here on my lot for good friends...may b there some but they are very few....as i hv seen most of us here to just make money... here i hv seen fake profiles too, then how will they come close to u..or me... thats y mylot is good for money but worst for frnship and relations.