Internet living

January 15, 2007 1:37pm CST
Is Internet harmful to our life or useful? More and more people chat with friends , shopping , play games ,improve their english skills ,browse the news ,and so on via accessing the Internet...i think it has a lot of benefits for us ,oppositely,it also has many disadvantages for our life. Good: it's very convenient to do something we want by Internet.For instance, you can access the website for knowing what happened today quickly, you shouldn't just wait for the newspaper,only use your fingers on the shouldn't walk a whole day with friends but buy nothing,just use your fingers ,you will buy a lot of beautiful clothes,shoes and books... Internet is useful for us . BAD: Teenagers and many youny people are very infatuated with playing games via internet,they can save the money to buy the game-cards.Even play truant..They're too vague... Internet is harmful for us . what do you think about it???
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