January 15, 2007 1:47pm CST
Looking attentively at the sky gradually turning dark, the tightly unknown sorrow is knocking at my heart. What has happened to me? I eventually can’t tell how depressed and sorrowful. Noticing the Polaris, I can’t help falling into the deeply endless thought. It seems that the occasion from the Korean TV Play constantly comes to my eyes. Whenever and wherever the Polaris remains staying there not the same as any other constellation does. I actually appreciate its sticking. It stands at its position eternally without a move or complain or reluctance, but being a guider to point out the direction when people get lost. “The returning way you can find it, can you? Even if you wouldn’t come back, you still remember the way though the time is passed how long, will you?” The sample statement fully conveys Ming hen Lee’s heart. Though they will be got apart by fortune, their hearts are still connected closely. To them, the Polaris is the guarding star. Though the end is nice, the whole process contains bitter and miserable. When I reminisce, the mood will get dreadful. Because I have the similar suffer, I can interpret the miserable feeling. As a matter of fact, I can’t walk out of the love’s shadow, because eyes are covered by the love’s shadow, I can’t love another one, the most important thing is that I have been in misery, but I have to pretend I am in happiness in order to make him without sorry to me, Covering my love, wishing him happy, hoping the hurt recovering with the time passed. To me, he is my Polaris. To me, he is my Polaris. Despite I have been get lost, despite I can see the Polaris, despite I know the returning way, I have to stay at my position, praying my “Polaris” happy, or maybe I look forward to be his “Polaris” in the future. Actually, owing the imagine like this is a good thing.
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