honest is the best policy.

January 15, 2007 2:02pm CST
now, that's have a discussion of the honest and the dishonest. in nowadays, the honest problem has arouse more and more people's concerns. there is a proverb which says "honest is the best policy." it signifies the importance of honest. what are the benefits of honest? if we are honest to others. they will be honest to u in return. when u are sad, they will comfort u. when u are in trouble, they will give u a hand. it's a vital essence of sucess as well as the most basic moral character of humanbeing. it seems to me that it's the best quality of a man. on the contrary, "every lie has it's price." it means u would be punish for lying. as far as i am concerned, everyting can be negotiated except the truth. if someone deceives me i will feel extremely angry with him. there is no enumerating of the evils of dishonest. in a word, a dishonest man will look down upon by others and regarded as a public enemy. as a result. every body should be honest. it would benefit u a lot in the longrun.
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