Tekken or Virtua Fighter, who is the king of videogame fighters

January 15, 2007 4:57pm CST
I absolutely love tekken, its one of my favorites games; so I would pick tekken to be the best. But of course, VF is a more complete game often seeming to complicated for the casual gamer. If VF wasn't so complicated (I'm talking about the combos by the way)I'd pick it as the best. What do you guys think? Who is the best?
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@Lushous (60)
25 Jan 07
I've been playing Tekken ever since it came out on the psone and got tekken tag on the ps2. I decided to get virtua fighter 4 because it was rated highly (although i dont know why). True, the move system is more complex than Tekken but its not as fluid as Tekken. Have you tried to use Akira? His counters are near impossible to pull off in the heat of battle. So i disagree with your saying VF is a more complete game because i think the characters are stiff, moves are difficult to pull off, not many characters, etc I wouldnt pick it as the best for any reason, thats my 2 cents!
• Tanzania
26 Jan 07
Yes I too have been playing tekken since the psone days. I also got VF4 because i had heard good things. But i think if you are really good at the game (VF) then you would probably find it more enjoyable, since it is more complex you'd find it more rewarding; when you win. That is probably why it is played more in pro tournaments than tekken.
27 Jan 07
I disagree,the reason i'm not a fan of Virtua fighter is that i feel it lacks the fluidity of Tekken. The animation for Jin's counter in Tekken is more natural than that of say .... Akira's. Truthfully, the moves are a bit difficult to pull off but to me, they're no fun. The characters look too massive on screen and also too rigid for my liking. Guess you like it for different reasons but thats my 2 cents ...
• Portugal
27 Jan 07
I think is Tekken but i think never play virtua Fighter
27 Jan 07
Good, let it stay that way but i personally dont recommend it.
@pop565 (2)
• China
4 Jul 07
i like both of them,however,VR seems to have fallen a little bit behind on the sales market.
@pop565 (2)
• China
4 Jul 07
i like both of them and i can use some of the characters in both the games well,however,VF seems to have fallen a little bit behind on the sales market.
@game_1711 (114)
• India
5 Apr 07
i love tekken he is the king of kings
@loisse21 (216)
• Philippines
23 Feb 07
its Tekken for me...
• Australia
5 Feb 07
Hands down, Tekken. No other game is as kind to both noobs and veterans alike.
@mayamber (138)
• India
29 Jan 07
i remember my first playstation game i started is tekken and i really love that game. it s the best game i've ever played and yet i play now also the tekken 5 and i am waiting for the ps3 release of tekken 5 and of course i am very curious to see next level the tekken 6. when it comes to vb i ddnt played it yet and i dont think that it wil be as good as tekken so i vote for the tekken.
18 Jan 07
Great question,Simple answer......TEKKEN
@ikelliza (359)
• Philippines
17 Jan 07
absolutely tekken is the king of video game.