Is it wrong to contact your first love?

United States
January 15, 2007 7:13pm CST
Is it wrong to contact your first love even after a few years have past and you both have moved on? I still stay in contact with his younger sisters because I was friends with them before we started officially dating. They are like family to me. I called them up one day and instead of the oldest answering as usual, he answer (yes my first love). I was blown away speechless. I've talked to him since and wrote him a letter. But I don't want to get reattached to what we had. I moved on and mean literally, I moved away and now live in a different state than he does. I have my relationships here and he has his girlfriend there. He's going into the Army and is planning on having a long-distance relationship with her. I personally don't think long-distance relationships work unless both people are truly faithful and honest but she's still in high school. Should I continue to talk to him even though we might reenter the past or should I let it go and only send a letter every once in a while to see how things are going?
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• Philippines
5 Mar 07
I don't think there's is something wrong with contacting your first love because somehow you once both fell in love with each other and entered a relationship where you both thought would work out forever, right? But everything depends on the situation. If no one is affected by your communication, then good. But somehow, your present lover would not be that agreeable to it. Sometimes, jealousy would come in. Well, it's a luck if your partner or his partner would not mind it all. BUt most often than not, present partners would not allow that right? :)
@seewhy (231)
• Australia
16 Jan 07
If he has a new girlfriend ten I think you should leave it alone. If he's interested in rekindling the flame then he will contact you.