do you like soup?

United States
January 15, 2007 7:37pm CST
what kinds?
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@ashumit02 (819)
• United States
31 Jan 07
I like soup very much and very often.I think this make me to live fit and fine while i am doing anything.Also it have some fine imapact on our health.some are:- 1.They keep diseases away from us and by doing so we are mentally more free than other diet.Actually doctor says soups can be taken at any stage of life. 2.It have main impact on stomach.So it help to digest other food also.The soup at afternoon have a great impact on health.It can cure all the stomach problems. 3.The human body is more possessive towards liquid diets and soup is best among such diets so i really love to take themas this diet can normally solve all the problems of stomach.Also have you ever feeled that person taking soup are much smart than others. 4.And finally i have to say that what we like depend on the critaria what diet can make us more energetic and away from disceases.Besides all the above i prefer all type of Soups (preferably vage and egg).I dont like non vege too much.
@wdiong (1818)
• Singapore
31 Jan 07
I like cream soups like cream of chicken or mushroom, clear soups as well as soups cooked with chinese herbs which is believed to be good for the body.
@weemam (13377)
31 Jan 07
My husband loves home made soup I make it every week for him but he doesn't care much for the tinned ones and they are verrry expensive and a lot of addatives too xx
@Bee1955 (3886)
• United States
30 Jan 07
I love tomatoe soup with grated cheese mixed in - YUM! Try this: Free Soup Sample Free unbelievable homemade taste and appearance. Giant dry Soup sample feeds 23 people. Choose chicken noodle, tomato vegetable or chili. Pay only the shipping. Love it, or your money back.
@MakDomMom (1474)
• United States
17 Jan 07
I love soup! It's low in fat and very good for you. I loke many different kids of soup: chicken noodle, split pea, potato, tomato, etc... The only one that I really don't care for though is vegetable beef. Something about that one just don't appeal to me!
@cvarvell (1116)
• United States
16 Jan 07
I love soup! I prefer campbell's over progresso. I like the tomato, chicken noodle, vegetable, clam chowder, and potato.(homemade) Potato is my favorite. I can't say how many times I've made this already this year.