The lesser of friends...Do you have friends who had everything more than u?

January 15, 2007 8:07pm CST
I watch this movie by jennifer aniston called Friends with money, where there were 5 friends and 4 of them are filthy rich, and one of them is jen who is an on call house maid who used to be an elementary teacher. When they go out to dinner, jen wuold have to spend her entire earning for one week while the others can order everything on the menu. Have you been in this situation? And how do you handle this? This actually happens to me. I have 5 close friends from high school and i love'em dearly. Every each of them had so much more than me. 3 of them went to univ in the us, and currently working in a really high profile company. The other 2 is getting married, and they both comes from a wealthy family, with a wealthy fiancee too. Money is not a big deal for them. I know i don't have such fancy life as theirs. But i love my friends. They comforted me, despites our differences. They always support me, care for me. I'm so thankful i have'em in mylife
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