Do you believe in God?

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United States
January 15, 2007 8:28pm CST
I'm actually an atheist and have been one since 9th grade. My mom still says I'm catholic. I believe God was created in a time when people needed something to believe in and since people still need something to believe in the idea of God is still around. What's your opinion?
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@dm74728 (159)
• United States
16 Jan 07
I believe in God. I don't have to see him to believe. Much the same that if he were standing right in front of you you would still not believe.
@kpisgod (994)
• India
16 Jan 07
10 Reasons Not To Believe In God. Being an Atheist, I often get asked strange questions like proving god does not exist or reasons that I do not believe in God. I find that quite odd as normally it is the person making an assertion that something exists, who provides the proof or reason. The world generally works that way be it a quest for justice or request for funding or any new academic or scientific claim. Anyway, I have tried below and here they are: 1. Flaw in the concept(s) of god put forward by various religions. Omniscience and Omnipotence conflict with each other. If god knows everything then he/she/it will also know bad events happening to God’s believers or bad deeds done by them, yet these events/deeds happen inspite of god knowing about them. This either means that god knows but cannot stop them or it has its reasons, which it does not feel inclined to share with humanity. No point then in believing in such an entity who knows but cannot stop or will not stop the cruelty executed by people like Hitler or the terrorists in today’s times. 2. I have not seen any proof of God’s existence as yet? I don't think god would come and help out the victims of terrorists, rapsts, murderers and crime in general. The need for the presence of courts to deliver justice is a tacit admission of this. 3. The holy books and religions contradict each other. Which god should one believe in or what if people end up believing in the wrong god and offend the right one? 4. I do not see any purpose in believing in an entity like God, which causes you to hate other viewpoints and promotes violence and intolerance. 5. god is not necessary to live a fruitful life. Truth and love can be independent of God. Ethics in general can be independent of Religion. 6. Just because we do not understand a lot of things and are knowledge is limited, it does automatically mean the presence of an entity behind events or things, which we have not fully comprehended as yet. It just means that there is more work to be done. 7. The use of Religion (meant to be a means to live a fruitful life and the path to God) as a tool to capture and retain one's hold on power is a major turnoff. 8. The fact that Religions are not open to change and new viewpoints which contradict their core beliefs while calling for tolerance smacks of hypocracy. Try launching an initiative to update holy books to address changes that have taken place in society over the last one thousand years and see. 9. The competition for market share among religions is a major turnoff. 10. Scientific theories like evolution and big bang do open up the possibility of the universe and life existing without a conscious creator. They definitely sound more believable and open than mythological stories on creation. Its great to see a fellow atheist