Migo, my growing Labrador

Migo - His first taxi ride with me. I just picked him up at this time. So cute!
@sechsey (1836)
January 15, 2007 8:45pm CST
I like talking about my only Labrador, Migo. He is my first purebreed dog. When i first got Migo last October 2006, he was this adorable small pup. I know he is going to be a big dog but i didnt expect him to grow big so fast. He is now going 5 months on the 26th. Everyone thought it would be a difficult task to take care of a puppy, a big one for that matter, on my own. And it was true. For the first month he was with me, he constantly needed attention and care. peeing and pooing anytime he wants. Sleeping one minute, crying and peeing next. I suddenly became a full time mom. But all my hard work paid off soon enough. He is an intelligent and quick learner dog. He is still 4months but have learned the patience to stay and sit and wait for me until i say come. Trained not to make a mess inside my house as well. Although, he can be annoying and sweet at the same time, I cant get myself to ignore him at all. He is one adorable Big puppy!Here's a picture when he was smaller.
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@jerpogz13 (283)
• Antarctica
30 Jan 07
i miss my black labra. i name him smart, well in his 2 months with me everything just fine he is such a good friend to me. i always fight for him to make him stay at our house but when he got bigger and bigger my family think thats there no place for him everyone comes in our house get frightened so they decide to adopted him.. i was so shocked when i got home and i was calling him nothing appear. then my mom told me that he was adopted by our neighbor. but thats not the end of my caring and loving for my smart i always check him visited him and also promise him that ill get him whenever i get myself my own house.. but one shocking day my friend told me that my goodpet past away i got rush on my neighbor and ask what was just happen then they told me that they think he just feels like lonely in his cage where no one love,cares for me like i do... now o got myself my own apartment i always remember him. just dreamin one day we will see each other again. miss you my boy "smart"