Have you noticed the style of little girls clothing? Risky or what?

United States
January 15, 2007 9:07pm CST
I was shopping the other day in an upscale department store and walked by the childrens clothing. I was shocked to see the clothing that was being displayed. (one was an off the shoulder red sequined top, size 6x) Does anyone else agree that children are already growing up to fast and dressing them like adults is adding to the problem? Later, parents will complain because their 14 year old daughter is pregnant. I think children should be allowed to keep their innocence as long as possible, they will have to face the realities much too soon anyway, and there is no way of getting the innocence back. Once it is gone, it is forever gone.
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• Philippines
16 Jan 07
In my opinion Let's not blame it to the latest trend of fashion. Because it is still up in the parents how would like to mold they child. even they wear sexy clothes, if they were disciplined by the parents well i think they will not be influenced by different vices or be pregnant at an early age.