how hard is it to fill out an address.

January 15, 2007 9:10pm CST
People in America - your addresses are NOT much different than mine in Canada. The only difference is that we have POSTAL CODES and not ZIP CODES. (this is not directed to anyone in general just so you know!) I buy and sell things off and on, from the internet, from Ebay and a couple of other unknown places. Ok? I bought this item from a chick who took 6 days to mail it out from day of purchase. Okay that I didn't mind. Then she made me agree that IF the item didn't show up, it would be out of her hands and she wouldn't be responsible. Again, okay because I wanted the item and I noticed no one else had wanted to buy it. Ok. The item finally arrives almost 2 weeks after purchase. The envelope = okay. Folks I live in Kamloops - NOT kamlot. I am surprised the thing made it here. It was almost like she purposely botched my address so it wouldn't get here. She also only had half of the postal code on the envelope. Customs must have recognized the address, and sent it my way. But it really left me reeling because it was almost like she purposely botched my address so it wouldn't show up! And the item was less to be desired. It was leaky, and more used than originally quoted. So yeah - lesson learned.
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• Canada
16 Jan 07
I just got some stuff from a chick in ontario and she got our zip code wrong ... maybe its our town ha ha ha
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