Public Social Security or Privatize?

United States
January 15, 2007 9:44pm CST
What are your thoughts on this? Should we continue the current system of the Social Security Taxation and payouts or should we allow people the choice to take that money and invest it as they see fit? I believe in the power of investment and the concept that I have the right to set my own future. I have worked hard for my money I would like to ensure through my own decisions that I have money when I retire.
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• United States
16 Jan 07
Personally I think we're asking for trouble if we privatize SS. I think leaving it up to the people themselves is like allowing the animals at the zoo to hold their own key to the cage. Many will THINK they know what to do with their money and won't end up making the right choices. Others will say they will put it here and there and instead end up not doing what they should and later finding out they have nothing left to live on. It's great to say "well then that's their fault" but end result will be more people living off the welfare system and the government still having to bail them out. And what do we do if there's a huge market crash that flattens out many accounts? It's fixable if you're not going to retire soon but for those that just lost it all then they're screwed. I truly think that our government needs to look at what THEY do with the money and perhaps utilize systems that will help INCREASE the money they have, while taking some but not too many risks with investments, etc. To trust the people to do it themself is just not smart in my eyes.